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White Wispons being used

Villagers armed with gun type Wispons.

Wispons were different types of weapons that harnessed the power of the Wisps.


The Imprisoned Planet

At some point in the past, the Wisps and their planet came under the threat of Dr. Eggman. Fortunately, they were saved by Sonic the Hedgehog. Afterward, as thanks for saving their race and planet, a bunch of Wisps settled down on Sonic's world where they helped out the residents of Sonic’s world whenever they could, the Wispons being one such way of helping in particular.[1] (StH: #3)


Wielding Cube Wispon

A town citizen wielding a Cube Hammer.

When a Badnik force attacked a town, a resident used a Cube Wispon in an effort to try fighting them. The resident, however, got overwhelmed, but thankfully Sonic showed up on time to defeat the Badniks and get the resident back on his feet with his Cube Wispon in hand. Sonic then came across the town's militia, who were wielding Unnamed White Wisp Wispons. Sonic warned them of the person he just saved, telling them that he was the only one guarding the north from the Badniks appearing there, to which the militia agreed to go help.(StH: #1)

List of Wispons

Background information

  • The wispons were first introduced in Sonic Forces, where the player-created avatar can use a variety of different wispons for unique abilities. The cube wispon is the first wispon to be seen in the comic series.