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Wisps inside Wisp Capsules.

The Wisps are a race of small, tenticled aliens who originate from Planet Wisp, and possess a mysterious power that they allow individuals to harness. There areat least eight known individual wisp types, each with their own unique ability.


Sonic the Hedgehog once saved their native planet at some point in the past, and the friendly aliens returned the favour by helping out on Sonic’s world whenever they could, such as lending their power to the hedgehog during his adventure on the Lost Hex and, more recently, acting as the power source of the various Wispons employed by the Resistance. (StH: #3)


The wisps are small floating aliens (no bigger than the head of an average anthropomorphic animal) with three tentacles, with various other features being unique to certain types, from the shape of their “heads” to the number of eyes they have, and of course the powers they possess.


Background Information

  • The Wisps first appeared in the game Sonic Colors, where they are key part of the games story. They have since gone on to appear in further games as power-ups.
  • A grand total of sixteen Wisp types have appeared in the video games, but only eight have shown up in the comics so far.