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Tyson Hesse is a comic book artist and animator.

Tyson's only work for IDW Sonic so far is the promotional image shown at New York Comic Con for the first ever IDW Sonic panel.

Before this, however, Tyson was a reoccurring artist on Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series, a tenure that began in 2014 and ended with the comics cancellation in 2017, with arguably his most famous work during this run being as the penciller behind the successful one-shot comic Sonic: Mega Drive, which was the first and only publication in the comics history to sell out and recieve a second printing, and its sequel, The Next Level.

Outside of the comics, Tyson was animation director of the hand-drawn animated opening of the game Sonic Mania and the director of the animated shorts Sonic Mania Adventures.