Amy attacks Death Crab

Amy using the Piko Hammer to finish a Death Crab.

The Piko Hammer is a hammer-like weapon used by Amy Rose the hedgehog.


The Piko Hammer resembles a double-faced sledgehammer or mallet. It has a larger, cylinder-shaped red head with raised rectangular sections on the middle and thick yellow face disks. It also has a brown handle with a white metal section where it meets the head.

Despite its colorful and innocent appearance, the Piko Hammer is a powerful melee weapon, capable of dealing incredible damage with seemingly little effort; with one hit, it was able to bring down a damaged Death Crab. It also makes a "piko" sound when hitting something and will sometimes emit pink hearts.

Background Information

  • The Piko Hammer is based on the Piko Piko Hammer from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series.