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The Phantom Ruby is a powerful gemstone that was used by Dr. Eggman to successfully defeat Sonic the Hedgehog and keep the Resistance at bay while his Eggman Empire conquered most of the world. The ruby can create "virtual reality" constructs through altering ones perception and transport matter across space time. Eggman used the ruby's power to build an army consisting of heartless and souless clones of some of Sonic's strongest rivals and enemies to battle the Resistance and created a falling sun to wipe out all other opposition on the planets surface. Luckily, Sonic and his allies managed to foil Eggman's plans, which forced the doctor to retreat to his fortress. Dr. Eggman made one final attempt to eliminate his enemies by installing the Phantom Ruby into his Death Egg Robot, but the machine and the ruby were eventually destroyed by Sonic and company.[1][2]

Background Information

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