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Ian Flynn (previously know under his internet pen-name Ian Potto) is the current head writer of the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series after the Archie Sonic comics ended.

Ian was previously the head writer of Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series[1] and its various spin-offs, a tenure he began in 2006 and lasted until the comics cancellation in 2017.



Other Sonic-related Work

Besides working on the IDW comic series and the aformentioned Archie series, Ian has also written episodes of the Sonic Boom TV series, as well as writing the digital mini-comic that appeared in the Nintendo 3DS video game Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal.

Notable Non-Sonic Work

Before IDW acquired the Sonic license, Ian had already provided writing duties for the publishers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic series.

For Archie Comics, Ian wrote all 55 issues of their licensed Mega Man comic book series, which itself had two crossovers with Archie's Sonic titles. He also writes for Red Circle's New Crusaders and is currently writing for Cosmo, the revival of Archie's Cosmo the Merry Martian character. He has also contributed to the comics within Archie's mainline comic series, including co-writing the final two issues of the third Jughead series.