Flapper Behind
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #1

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Dr. Eggman


Dr. Eggman

Physical description
  • Color: Orange, Gray, Yellow, and Light Blue
  • Eyes: Light Blue
  • Flight
  • Video feed
The Flapper is a line of Badnik created by Dr. Eggman to serve as flying robot forces in his efforts to conquer the world.



After Sonic managed to defeat Eggman in their previous encounter, the doctor disappeared. However, his robot forces remained and continued to attack without a leader. After Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails saved a town from one of these many robot attacks, a Flapper secretly watched form the distance as Sonic traveled away from the town. Additionally, someone was watching the visual feedback and planning their next moves. (StH: #1) This situation happened in next nearest town after Sonic and Amy Rose stopped another horde begun with a Death Crab. (StH: #2) In another near village, Sonic and Knuckles the Echidna managed to capture Rough the Skunk and his brother Tumble. (StH: #3)

The Fate of Dr. Eggman

The mysterious individual who controlled the Badniks, sent another force against a mountainous village where Dr. Eggman/Mr. Tinker had to be found: the horde was destroyed by Sonic and the Chaotix of the Chaotix Detective Agency while the hidden Flapper was crashed by Charmy Bee, making angry the unknown villain. (StH: #5)


The Flappers are similar to Egg Pawns. They are flying orange Badniks with the round torso, black undercarriage, and dome-shaped head that the Egg Pawns have. However, instead of arms, the Flappers have airplane-like wings, and instead of legs, they have two turbines on their backs that serve as jetpacks. Also, while they have the Egg Pawns' pointy yellow nose and panel-based mouth, they have flight visors instead of eyes.


Basically, Flappers are silent drones programmed to follow every of their leader's commands without questions. As such, when the leader is missing, they become directionless and only able to cause harm by accident.


The Flappers are able to fly silently, which is their main ability. With the flight visors, they can record everything they see and send the situation as a live video feed.




Background Information

  • The Flapper is based on the robot of the same name in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series, where it first appeared in Sonic Heroes. It was unnamed in the comic, but is considered tier 2 canon by this site's canon policy, as it does not contradict already established canon from tier 1.