Badniks, also known as robots, are enemy robots created by Dr. Eggman in his quest to conquer the world.



Just before the end of the war between the the Resistance and the Eggman Empire, a group of Badniks were driven back from a town that was also a hub for Wispon distribution thanks to the efforts of the mercenary duo, Rough the Skunk and Tumble the Skunk. The two then lied about improving the town's defenses in order to take the town's arsenal and keep the citizens imprisoned within their own town. With more Badniks stalking outside the town's wall, the citizens were forced to do whatever the duo said. The Badniks stalking outside of the town consisted of at least Egg Pawns and Death Egg Robot sentinels. (StH: #3)


Badniks in Green Hill Zone wandering aimlessly after Eggman's defeat.

After Sonic the Hedgehog managed to defeat Eggman in their previous encounter at the end of the war between the Resistance and the Eggman Empire, the doctor disappeared. However, his robot forces remained. Without a leader to give them orders and/or direction, the robots would wander around aimlessly being a big threat to themselves and attacking anything they came across. As a result, Sonic traveled the world to help stop the robot uprisings. Unbeknownst to Sonic and his friends, the Badniks soon came under the control of Neo Metal Sonic, who made them more cohesive. (StH: #1, #2, #7)

Badniks Crash

The group of Badniks crash into the gate.

In one of the towns where a group of these Badniks appeared, Sonic showed up to help fend off the attack. A group of Egg Pawns threatened a group of civilians, one of which attempted to fend off the attacking Badniks to let the others escape, but one of the Egg Pawns easily knocked down the brave young man despite him wielding a Wispon. Sonic appeared just in time to save him and destroy the Egg Pawns. A group of Moto Bugs were also among the group. A few were seen about to attack some other civilians, but Sonic showed up and easily defeated them. Afterwards, Sonic encountered a group of powerful Super Badniks called Egg Hammers, which started to give him some trouble, but Tails appeared and saved him just in time. The two teamed up and took down all of the robots with a mix of attacks, which included the Spin Dash and Rolling Combo. After Sonic and Tails started overcoming the horde of badniks, the robots attempted to escape the town, so while Sonic took care of the remaining Egg Hammer, Tails closed one of the town's gates just in time to prevent the robots from leaving, which caused them to crash into the gate and get destroyed. After Sonic left the town to save some other towns, unbeknownst to him and Tails, a Flapper watched Sonic travel away from the town, which had someone watching the visual feedback and planning their next moves. (StH: #1)


The Blowfish Transporter releasing Egg Pawns to attack the town.

Nearby outside another town, a Death Crab appeared, but was defeated with the combined efforts of Sonic and Amy Rose. Unbeknownst to them, the Super Badnik was a decoy, as an army of Badniks consisting of Egg Walkers and Egg Pawns began invading from the west. Sonic helped fend off against the attack while Amy took charge and directed the unarmed civilians to get to Town Hall, which was converted into a bunker of sorts during the war, and for all the armed civilians to get to the upper floors and not fire until the Badniks had entered the square. Under Amy's command, the town dispatched of the first wave of Badniks. Then, Sonic and Amy defeated some more Badniks before coming across a Blowfish Transporter, which was releasing more Badniks. Utilizing their combined Croquette Bomber technique, they easily defeated flying Badnik. After Sonic left the town, the same Flapper that watched him earlier looked on as the same mysterious figure saw the events with his two Badnik lackeys - Orbot and Cubot - at his side. Frustrated that Sonic was deviating from his projected path, the figure was reassured by Orbot that Sonic was charging headlong into danger in the form of the skunk brothers Rough and Tumble. (StH: #2)

When Sonic arrived at the outer wall of the town under the control of Rough and Tumble, he saw Knuckles the Echidna defeating a Death Egg Robot sentinel. After the two liberated the town from the mercenary duo, the town was finally safe from both the overthrown skunk brothers and the Badniks that were stalking outside the town. (StH: #3)


Super Badnik

Super Badniks are stronger variants of the regular Badniks. They are much more of a threat than regular Badniks and are occasionally a threat even to Sonic the Hedgehog.


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